Reževići is small settlement which is situated 12 km south from Budva to Petrovac. It kept it's authentical look which makes it well known in Montenegro as unique ambiental entity. It's Mediteranian architecture is in keeping with surounding nature. Consequently that makes Reževići pearl of Montenegrian tourism offer.

There are two beaches near Reževići: Presjeke, compleetly natural small rocky beach and Drobni Pijesak, middle sized sandy beach has the appearance of a real tropical beach, which, with it's beauty, can take your breath away.

Small church "Saint Sava" and nearby monastery "Reževići" tell about rich history and great cultural value which attracts many tourists.

Private acommodation is dominant type of tourism offer and there are few restorants situated on beaches and nearby.

Shortly according to tourists impressions, Reževići is the place which is worth of seeing and comming back.